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HND国际物流Outcome - 5


The report in order to introduce about the need for up-to date ICT applications in international logistics, the effect of technological changes in security and how ZK could benefit from them, environmentally friendly logistics and relate this to the international toy industry, .the impact of reverse logistics on ZK and its customers and the reasons ZK or similar company might develop into a global logistics company. 1. An Introduction about EDI.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is utilized for the automated exchange and transfer of document between various operations.

And EDI is an exchange of structured information from one computer to another electronically with a minimum of human input.

It can allow all partners in a supply chain to exchange their invoices, purchase orders, information requests and other important business documents from one business system to another one.

There are lots of benefits of utilizing EDI for ZK. For example, EDI can help ZK company to transfer information or document in a high speed, which is quite time saving for this enterprise. On the other hand, ZK can also establish an EDI transfer from the customs to make some cooperations and this kind of transfer method has excellent security for ZK.

However, the shortcoming about EDI is obvious, too. Founding an EDI path means that ZK should spend a high cost on the initial setup, for example, the purchasing and installing of the electric cable. Of course, using EDI can not help ZK to realize the transfer of "one to many", which is another obvious disadvantage.

2. An introduction about reverse logistics

Reverse logistics means “taking things back”, where goods are returned from a end customer or a wholesaler to the original producer, which involves a large amount of work in logistics industry. And reverse logistics are 'activities involved in removing a product or service after the original point of sale.' The overall aim is to maximize the

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